Ligfietsen/Trikes/Velomobielen in prijs verlaagd

2010-lwa 2218


Below is our current range of recumbents in stock. Columns show model, condition and price.

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Model and description

New, demo or trade-in

Price in €
Azub Apus Azub Apus ASS, 8-speed hub Shimano Alfine, carrier, stand, seatcover, colour: sand demo 1550
Azub 4 os blauw Azub 4 USS, SRAM 7 speed gearhub, mudguards, carrier, colour: blue demo Sold
Azub Max olijfgroen Azub Max USS, Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub, Shimano XT equiped, SON hubdynamo, frontsuspension, ventiseat,  colour: olivegreen new Sold
Batavus Relaxx batavus Relaxx, colour: green classic  
Catbike Musashi Catbike Musashi, carrier, colour: black new Sold
Challenge Hurricane Glossy Black BS Challenge Hurricane ASS, Shimano Alfine 8 speed hub, Magura HS 33 hydraulic rimbrakes, mudguards, colour: glossy black demo 1850
Challenge Hurricane Red Satin BS Challenge Hurricane ASS, framecoloured rims, sidebars, frontsuspension, colour: red satin new 2250
Challenge Jester diamond violet Challenge Jester, Shimano 105 equiped, carbon crancks, Katana frontfork, hydraulic discbrakes Shimano XTR, colour: diamond violet demo 2450
  Challenge Mistral, frontsuspension, stand, Schwalbe Marathon + tires, rearsuspension cover, colour: black satin demo  
Challenge Taifun kobalt Challenge Taifun, colour Cobalt demo 2110
Challenge Taifun blauw Challenge Taifun, colour blue trade in 1335
Escape Tornado blauw Escape Tornado, colour: blue trade-in 795
Escape Tornado blauw trade-in trade-in 795
Flevobike Amigo Flevobike Amigo classic Sold
Flevobike Greenmachine-2 Flevobike Greenmachine ASS, M-frame/M-seat, colour: blue trade-in 3020
Flevobike Greenmachine groen Flevobike Greenmachine ASS, M-frame/M-seat, topbag, magnesium 5 spoke wheels,  colour: green new Sold
Flevobike Greenmachine blauw Flevobike Greenmachine ASS, L-frame/L-seat, frontsuspension, magnesium 5 spoke wheels, topbag, colour: blue demo 3995
Hpv Spirit rood HPVelotechnik Spirit, stand, mudguards, lowriderrack, colour: red new 1795
HPVelotechnik Spirit rood HPVelotechnik Spirit, stand, mudguards, lowriderrack, Magura HS 33 hydraulic discbrakes, bottlecage, Cateye computer, Radical Spirit topbag, colour:red demo Sold
Lte geel LTE, colour:yellow new 1395
M5 Speedliner Blueglide 26 20 zwart M5 26-20 ASS, colour:black trade-in Sold
M5_28_20_grijs M5 28 20, carbon mudguards, Magura hydraulic rimbrakes, lighting B&M
dynamo, carrier, colour: grey
new 1995
M5 Shock Proof 406 blauw M5 Shock Proof 406, carbon mudguards, Magura Martha hydraulic discbrakes, carrier, triple 42-52-61, colour: metacoat blue demo 1510
M5 Lowracer Blauw M5 Lowracer, Campagnolo Veloce equiped, 2-sided SPD pedals, colour: metacoat blue demo Sold
M5 City Cruiser firered M5 City Cruiser, Shimano 105 equiped, carbon mudguards, carrier, ventiseat, stand, colour: fire red demo 1555
M5 Shock Proof 559 M5 Shock Proof 559, Shimano 105 equiped, carrier, SON hubdynamo, stand, mudguards, medium seat, Reelight rearlight, frontlight B&M IQ Fly, computer Cateye Velo 8, 2 x mirror B&M Cyclestar, ring lock, colour: mattblack demo 1895
M5 Shock Proof 559 zwart M5 Shockproof 559, Shimano 105 equiped, Aero-wheels, 18 CX Ray-spokes, Aero monofork, carbon chainwheelguard, EBS brakelevers, U-turnaway, colour: mattblack demo Sold
Metabikes Metabikes MetaPhysic, Shimano Alfine 8 speed hub, brakes Shimano 105, colour: black demo 2095
MirageBikes MirageBikes Nomad, driveshaft, colour: red new 2995
Nazca Fiero BS Oranje Nazca Fiero ASS, stand,  Stainless foldig steer, Shimano Tiagra 2x9 derailleur equiped, colour: metallic orange demo Sold
Nazca Fiero OS rood Nazca Fiero USS colour:firered demo 1495
Nazca Fiero OS Groen Kort Nazca Fiero short USS, 3x9 Dual Drive equiped, stand, colour: apple green demo Sold
Nazca Paseo BS blauw Nazca Paseo ASS, 8-speed hub Shimano Alfine, stand, colour: skyblue new Sold
Nazca Pioneer BS Rood Nazca Pioneer ASS, stand, Stainless folding steer, Shimano Alivio 3x8 derailleur equiped, colour: firered demo Sold
Optima Baron zilver Optima Baron, Shimano 105 3x9 equiped, (tailfairing optional), colour: silver demo 1995
Optima Condor zwart Optima Condor, colour: black demo Sold
Optima Hopper rood Optima Hopper, City dual Drive 3x9, colour: metallic red demo 1450
Optima Lynxx BS Geel Optima Lynxx ASS, City 3x7 gearhub, travellerrack, mudguards, colour: trafficyellow trade-in Sold
Optima Orca zilver Optima Orca ASS, Shimano XT equiped, Rock Shox frontsuspension, carrier, AXA dynamolighting, Magura HS 33 hydraulic rimbrakes, mirror,  colour: silver demo Sold
Optima Stinger rood Optima Stinger, colour: red demo Sold
Optima Stinger rood Optima Stinger, Shimano XT equiped, tailbag, M5 seat, Rainbow cushion, colour: red trade in 1510
Rainbow Lyner BS rood Rainbow Lyner ASS, Shimano Alfine 8 speed gearhub, carrier, stand, colour: glossy red demo 1995
Rainbow Lyner OS blauw Rainbow Lyner USS, Shimano Alfine 8 speed gearhub, carrier, stand, colour: skyblue demo 1925
Rainbow Lyric BS Blauw Rainbow Lyric ASS, Shimano Deore LX equiped, colour: blue new 1795
Rainbow Lyric BS Groen Rainbow Lyric ASS, traveller carrier, Shimano deore 9 speed, adjustable ASS, Son hubdynamo, B&M Fly/ Reelight lighting, colour: applegreen trade in 1295
Rainbow Lyric OS glanzend rood Rainbow Lyric USS, traveller rack, colour: glossy red demo 1595
Roulandt Roulandt classic O.A.
Sinner Spirit BS sparkle red Sinner Spirit ASS, mashseat, Shimano 7-speed gearhub, colour: sparkle red demo 1095
Sirix Flash BS zilvergrijs Sirix Flash, colour: grey new 1690
Slyway Team matzwart Slyway Team, Shimano 105 equiped, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels,  colour: matt black demo 3095
Zephyr zwart Zephyr, mudguards, carrier, colour:black new